Wednesday, July 3, 2013

my fabulous dress

made for me by Rebe (age 7)
 She made it by drawing around a dress of mine on some vintage fabric that's been in my stash for a while.
 I sewed up her seams on the machine. She had hand sewn them with bright blue thread and my doll making needle, but I don't think they would have stood up to lots of taking on and off, so I machined them and hemmed it for her. Then she set about putting on the finishing touches: a felt flower on the front and crazy rainbow tassels and loops of coloured thread along the bottom.
I worn it with pride and a wry grin into town today (I didn't get that many funny looks).
Thank you Rebe, you clever, sweet, kind thing :-)
We're off on holiday tomorrow for a couple of weeks to visit friends and family (and a tiny wee brand new baby) in the UK. So I'll see you when I get back well rested and filled with good food and memories.


  1. Well, we certainly know where Rebe got her amazing talent. (:

    It's so great to see all these smiling pictures on your blog lately!

  2. Wow! Amazing dress! I'm very impressed! I hope you have a wonderful holiday trip!

  3. Excellent dress! :-) Love the tassels.

  4. Oh Laura, it's amazing! Wonderful job, Rebe honey!
    And Laura, you look beautiful. :)