Monday, July 29, 2013

all in a day

the wee man making corn bread for breakfast

a very gentle butterfly rescue at breakfast
A few weeks ago a lovely blogging friend of mine asked me if I would help her repair the much loved doll she made for her daughter. It was a really fun project and I finished her off yesterday.
 In the parcel that she came in Nicole had enclosed lots of goodies for us including some wonderful wooden blanks. This morning I got them out and the kids had a wonderful time painting them.

only the colour pumpkin of course

Benny's dear little gnome

After all of that (and some play thrown in for good measure) we got dressed and headed off to the village tennis court to join in with the festival arts and crafts activity for kids.

 We had lots of fun and enjoyed our time there. On the way home we turned what could have been a very hot and thirsty, moany walk into a really wonderful adventure. There is lots of broken crockery and sea glass on the shore here so we pretended that we were adventurers finding 'evidence' of a lost civilization.
 We found so much 'evidence' that our bag was heavy from it and Benny's pockets were so full he had to walk home holding his shorts up to stop them from falling down.
 At home, while I was getting lunch the explorers washed and dried and sorted all the evidence
some evidence
 After lunch the kids relaxed and watched a dvd and I had some quiet time (aherm NOT doll making)
 well I just can't help it! This wee one will be in the shop shortly :-)

 Rested and revived the creativity continued...
 We made spelt, honey and cocoa cookies with a very wonderful hedgehog cutter that was arrived for Rebe today from a very sweet little fellow hedgehog lover.
 Towards evening Rebe said she had to make Mio (her special) some clothes. She has some very specific ideas about what sort of clothing. Basically he needs to look like he is going on a date at a posh restaurant...
Think we're doing well so far! I will post more about this exciting feline development when I understand it better myself ;-)

So wow, what a day! Sometimes our days are like this, so full, so creative. Sometimes they are not, but the joy of school holidays is being able to just roll with it.


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