Thursday, July 25, 2013

the garden ~ mid July

in the green house, cucumbers and spring onions

tomatoes ripening

and our first ripe one
outside the flowers in bloom, carnations and dahlias 

my favourite rose, favourite because it is busy reverting to it's wild state...i love that

beans climbing on the willow structure (only on one side though as it get's used a goal and people seem to shoot off centre lol)

the front garden, sweet peas climbing by the door and sweet red geraniums in the window boxes

benny's sun flower

a snail-arium... the kids were busy rescuing all the snails and slugs that I was ousting from the green house this morning. They made this wonderful landscape for them to live in

then asked if they could keep it in the green house to stop the thrushes eating their new pets!?!?!?!?!

making pesto

carrot noodles

I lost all of my spinach and lettuce when we were on holiday, they all just went to seed, so I am hoping to pick up some more seedlings tomorrow and also get some seeds to start thinking about greens during autumn and winter. Apart from that I am so delighted with everything and so proud I can actually grow things we actually eat :-)


  1. That carrot thing is nuts... What is it? Still waiting on our first tomato.

    1. nuts but effective, the kids all ate 2 raw carrots with dinner. It's a spiralizor, I'd been on the look ou for one for ages and found one today, new in the box, in our charity shop for 20c!! But you can get them on amazon for very little: Oh the spiraling fun!!

    2. The reviews are terrible! What brand is yours?

  2. Your garden looks amazing! So productive! I just love opening the greenhouse in the morning and breathing in the smell of tomatoes, its just heavenly! And home grown cucumbers are the nicest thing ever!
    You really do have a beautiful spot there, you must feel very lucky every time you open your curtains on another day x

    1. i really really do Liz, I never take it for granted, I am so very lucky to live here :-)

  3. Laura, your garden looks lovely (and not too wild for you having been away!) Also love the look of the spiral carrot, sure that would be a hit here. We have one that does apples, but carrots would be too narrow. Must keep on the lookout for one. And the snail/slug garden - that is so cute! Katie had a similar thing going on (thankfully with worms!) where they had baths and all sorts! xx

  4. Oh Laura, it all looks so lovely!
    I love how little children love little creatures of the earth. My two littlest dearly love earthworms, and protect them valiantly from our chickens! We do not have snails here, and I am intrigued imagining snails in the garden. We do have slugs, however.
    Laura, I am missing you! We have to catch up!
    Love and hugs, Mel