Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a felt dog

While I was making the mouse house a few days ago, the kids sat at the table and sewed with me.
 The boys happily sewed lots of buttons onto pieces of felt.
 and Rebe made an un-birthday present for her friend
 wowzer!!! this girl is good!!
Rebe's felt dog
 She drew and cut out all the pieces. I machined them together for her, as they would take too long to hand sew and she wanted to take him to the party she was going to for her friend.
she's sewing him a ball
 She did everything else from the button joints to the embroidery and accessories.

 Clever, clever lady!!
And her next project....
a dress for me!
How cool!
 I think I'll start teaching her how to use the machine when we get back from our holiday! Goodness knows what she will sew next. The thing I love about her creativity most is her complete confidence and lack of fear. It took me YEARS to build up the courage to sew myself a dress, and here she is age 7, just deciding that is what she is going to do.
Love it :-)

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