Friday, December 27, 2013

christmas 2013 ~ some moments I will never forget

This Christmas was the best, most beautiful, lovely and magical of my life. It was filled with so many moments of fun, laughter and love I could write a million blog posts about it all. Instead I will record a few of the special moments we shared to give you a taste and to serve as a wee reminder for us in years to come when we look back at Christmas 2013.

Saturday 21st
cutting holly in the woods to decorate the house with
Benny climbing the ivy instead of just pulling it off
gathering moss to make reindeer food with

  •  Meeting Garry in the pub after dropping the kids to Andy for the night, for a beer that turned into several
  • giddy and giggling like kids so excited about the coming days
  • drinks by the huge roaring fire in the hotel
  • the thunderstorm that turned off all the power to the village until lunchtime next day
  • sitting by fire light and candle light listening to the wind howl sipping our drinks, holding hands and smiling
  • watching the lightening and hail from the front door
Sunday 22nd

Decorating the house with the fresh vibrant greenery we collected
bringing home the kids and the dogs and letting the fun begin

  • writing shopping lists and drinking tea
  • pushing a full trolley around the supermarket picking up all of our favorites
  • delighting in only spending 20 euro cash because of all of the generous vouchers we had gotten
  • lunch in one of our favourite cafe's

Monday 23rd
quiet day in pyjama's

making reindeer food

preparing nut roast for my Christmas dinner
stocking for Garry made by Rebe
fun and joyful dinner
Tuesday, Christmas Eve
making biscuit cake christmas pud

stringing bird feeders from old cereal

watching Santa's progress online

  •  all of us cosy in the living room in front of the fire, watching Narnia by the light of the tree, sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows and red wine, nibbling on short bread and pop corn
  • wrapping the last of the gifts and putting presents under the trees
  • walkie talkie fun (hello!)
  • smiling so much and for so long that I had deep laughter lines crinkled around my eyes
  • enjoying ourselves so much we didn't get to bed until gone 2am knowing full well it would be a very early start
25th Christmas Day

Santa's been
explorer outfits from Bubs and Man

happy happy me

cooking dinner as a team
what an effortless, delicious feast made with love and togetherness 
dinner time


  •  being woken at 3.30am by a little girl in tears who just didn't know how to get back to sleep she was so excited.
  • a small little boy hopping up and down at my bedside saying breathlessly 'Santa's brought Christmas candy!'
  • after several more 'it's still too early' Garry and I finally relented and got up to open presents at 6.10am
  • delighted faces and laughter and joy 
  • ripped paper, toys and chocolate everywhere
  • movie after breakfast
  • walking down the village to the pub, the sky blue, no wind, the sun softly warm
  • crisps, fizzy drinks, gin and tonics and cigars and lots of Christmas cheer, being part of the village community
  • a quick play on the beach
  • cooking dinner together, moving around the kitchen as if it were a dance
  • the perfect Christmas dinner
  • all too full for pudding or to move
  • dropping the kids to Andy seeing their joy at being together and more presents 
  • coming home to quiet peace, a blazing fire and him waiting for me

 26th Boxing Day

  • sleeping late and waking up to the most beautiful rainbow just outside our window
  • page 124
  • eating a big cooked breakfast together
  • taking the dogs for a long walk and talking and talking
  • watching the lifeboat go out on exercise from the point
  • the wind and rain and hail pounding us, and we loved it, sitting there for nearly an hour watching for the boat to come back in
  • sitting together on the sofa, the warmth of our arms touching, reading our books and drinking tea
  • the happiness of bringing the kids back again 
  • competitive table football matches
  • after the kids were in bed watching the Hobbit and eating Christmas Dinner #2

I can't really say much more about it, my heart is so full it could burst. I am so happy and grateful to have this joy, this peace, this fun, this life. I am so happy and grateful to have found Garry, to feel the depth of feelings I have for him and to know, deeply know, that his love for me is as true and special as my love for him.


  1. Awww, you sound SO happy! :) xx

    1. I am Tina, so very happy, full to the brim with it :-)

  2. I sit with a big grin and tears of joy in my eyes reading this. A Perfect Christmas indeed, thank you for sharing.
    May 2014 bring you love, happiness, health and peace for every day!

    1. thank you, and thank you too for your message on fb so lovely of you. I wish for you and yours all the joy and happiness life can bring in 2014 x x

  3. That all sounds and looks so wonderful! Glad you had such a lovely christmas.
    Your christmas dinner is making my mouth water! We haven't had a proper one in years (in france it's all oysters, fois gras and lots of bits and bits of things). I'm inspired for next year to do the real thing!
    Can only imagine what fun you all have planned for new years eve!
    Such a great looking family!

    1. thank you dear emma for this lovely comment :-) it was a truly delicious dinner but made so special by how the work and the meal was shared. we haven't made a plan for new year yet but I'm sure no matter what the year and it's beginning will be amazing! x

  4. A post brimming with LOVE and good tidings......exactly what christmas time is all about.... Wonderful to see you so happy. Christmas wishes and happy new year (which it obviously will be!!) from Me and mine in NZ xx Adrienne

    1. dear Adrienne, thank you and I wish for you everything that you wish for yourself this new year x x

  5. oh Laura, I am so happy for you!!! HUGS