Saturday, December 7, 2013


We're really getting into our festive preparations here Under Rainbows, 
 the last of my Christmas orders are finished and in the post.

At Buddies this week we made snowman pictures...

 I'd just brought all the bits and pieces ready cut out and easy for the wee ones to stick together
 Joa's snowman.
On Thursday evening was the school Christmas concert. Benny's first performance, he was so proud,
 and really gave it laldy!
 (look at how hard he's concentrating on his moves bless him!)
 Rebe was also in the show,

 both of them were great and we really enjoyed it. Joa on the other hand was an uncontrollable liability. He spent most of the time running up and down the centre aisle pretending to be a train. At least his 'choo choo's' were in harmony with the soloist who was trying to give a recital. His running around was the lesser of two evils; when I did manage to get him on my knee he would insist on lying back and shouting at me (very loudy) 'tickle doggy's tummy' and asking if he could have a pee in the holy water. Good grief!

The coming week has more festive fun lined up,
There is the playgroup Christmas party for which I need to bake 2 dozen gingerbread men for the little ones to decorate.
The head teacher of Benny and Rebe's school has asked me to start doing some fibre work with the kids so I am going into Benny's class this week to help them sew little felt stockings,
 I spent the morning cutting out felt shapes and threading needles in preparation.
 On Tuesday evening my choir is singing at an Amnesty International vigil, so I have been doing my best to learn the all the words. Garry is going to come with the kids to watch, although we may have to slip away after the first few songs if the 'uncontrollable liability' proves too much of a handful, but I'm so delighted they will be there, and we might find time to wander around and have a look at all the lights and drink a hot chocolate.

The last of the Christmas presents are just about bought,
I only need to wrap and send them off with the cards.
This evening Garry and I are going to the Lifeboat Ball, which I am really looking forward to. So it's all lovely here, festive and fun!
How are your preparations going?


  1. Oh Laura, I just about died over Joa's behavior during the concert- Ezri is the same exact way for his older siblings concerts!

  2. Same here, I started laughing out loud hearing about Joa-doggy in the Christmas concert! Let's hope he is in his best behaviour during your concert so that you can stay till the end. Sounds like a lot of fun, and lovely Advent time, preparations for the celebration of the arrival of the Light. And great news with the fibre work teaching job, well done!

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