Sunday, December 1, 2013

the beginning of advent

Today is the beginning of advent, last night I hung the advent calendar up in it's usual spot at the window in the kitchen. My mum made this advent calendar years ago when Rebe was only 1, and every year she takes so much time and effort to think of something special to put in the bags for the kids to open to mark each day until Christmas. 
This year she and my brothers had a great deal of fun making up little lego models, taking pictures of them and then breaking them up again to pop into the bag along with a little chocolate each. The kids take it in turns to open the bags and they just get so much pleasure from it.
Bubs also sent them a little advent card each with teeny tiny doors to open.
and of course Joa has his salt dough advent spiral that he made at Buddies last week and that is now baked hard.
 I am so excited about Christmas this year. Garry is going to spend it with us and it is so wonderful to have someone to share it all with. The five of us are having so much fun planning what we will eat and drink, what we will do, which movies we'll watch and approximately how much chocolate we are going to need. I'm so filled with joy and gratitude that I can share everything that makes this time of year special to me with him :-)

The festivities have already started with our Buddies mum's night out last night. We went to a wonderful restaurant and although we missed Flo who is poorly we had such a nice time. The food was gorgeous and there was a pianist and singer playing, we laughed and chatted and heard big, exciting news. We've also resolved to try and keep up going out together every once in a while.

I'm feeling pretty organised and relaxed about the festive season altogether. Most of the presents have been bought, I will try and wrap them gradually over the next few weeks.

I only have a few more handmade things to finish off...
 so there isn't a big crafting panic looming on the horizon.
 I am slowly writing the Christmas cards. I usually make them by hand, but this year the kids school have made cards as a fundraiser. It's great, each child coloured a picture and then the parents were given the opportunity to order packs of those cards, with the proceeds going to the school.

I am also just about finished all of my doll making work. I have 1 custom doll to finish, but she is going to Dublin so I don't need to worry about long shipping times. All of my other dolls that I made have sold, all apart from this wee angel:
She's still for sale in my shop and I would love her to find a home before Christmas. I am offering free shipping on her this week (worldwide and if you order before the 6th she should be with you to sit atop your tree by Christmas) the code is XMAS13.

So all is good and lovely here. It's been a really great week. Garry was off work and so we spent nearly every day together and we did so many lovely things, walks on the beach, eating chips out of the paper on the harbour wall, lunch out, dinner in, movies and mulled apple juice laced with rum. So much chatting and laughing. It's been very special.

The coming week brings so much to look forward to as well, Rebe and Benny have their school show, meeting friends, Buddies and on Saturday it is the Lifeboat Ball (and I'll get to wear my dress again whoopie!)

Life is wonderful and special and as you might have guessed, I'm very happy :-)


  1. So happy that you're so happy!

  2. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us! It is very uplifting to read your news, and the happiness sure shines through your words. Sounds like it is going to be a magical Christmas for you, as well as the whole Advent time, filled with joy, surprises, excitement and love. May it long last! :-)

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