Thursday, December 12, 2013

christmas creativity

It's been a busy few days here and I've been enjoying lots of different kinds of crafting.
 I've been knitting a rainbow bonnet for a special wee girl who's celebrating her first Christmas this year. It's my favourite pattern, very simple and super practical. The yarn was sent to me by my mum, it's a lovely bamboo/ wool blend making it really soft and comfy to wear, very important if you're still very little.

This morning I went to Benny's class to make little felt stockings with the kids. It was so much fun!
I was amazed at how well they all did, they had to learn 2 different stitches and for many, if not most, it was the first time they had sewn anything.
me, taken by my photographic assistant Joa
 At times the classroom was completely silent with little concentrating people working hard and quietly.
Benny very kindly shared his lunch with Joa while I helped some students finish off their work
 We took a good bit of time, but everyone got to take home their finished stocking and they were all so proud it was really heart warming.

my photographic assistant took a few liberties with my camera
Straight after finishing at the school Joa and I headed over to playgroup with the gingerbread men I had baked yesterday.
 I set up a little table and the wee ones took it in turns to come over and decorate a gingerbread man or 2 with icing and sweeties,
 and then of course they ate them :-)

Aside from that I have been doing a little crafting for Benny:
Since Garry has come into our lives Benny's love for the lifeboat and his ambition to be a crew member has strengthened, so much so he asked me to make him a lifeboat pager just like Garry's.
He wears it clipped onto his trousers at all times ready for a shout, my dear sweet little lifeboat boy!


  1. Argh I have GOT to make a hat like that! So adorable! :D

    1. it is so my favourite, Joa had 2 or 3 of them when he was little :-)