Thursday, December 19, 2013

feeling surprisingly amazing

 I feel surprisingly amazing. Surprising because I usually find this time of year a challenge. There always seems to be so much to do, so many commitments and preparations and crafting and lists. But this year it has been so effortless. I think it has helped that I made a big space for this time in terms of doll work and I didn't try to hand-make all of our gifts. I did all my shopping online. We are all well and healthy (apart from a UTI which I have gotten a course of anti-biotics for today, but even that has been ok). We have still done lots of things: visiting santa, crafting at school, seeing friends, writing cards, going to parties etc. But all of it has been so easy, so effortless, so happy. And now suddenly the holidays are starting tomorrow :-)
 We had our last Buddies session of the year yesterday, which was lovely.
We sang some Christmas songs and then danced energetically to some slightly less seasonal songs. For our activity we decorated some Christmas Tree cookies:
 greens and reds, sticky fingers and mouths
 At snack time we ate delicious apple cake and porter cake with mulled apple juice, and for the story I told the kids the nativity using our little felt nativity set as puppets

me in full story telling mode :-)
 At home I have had lots of quiet space to read, to play with the kids and for my own little projects. I'm knitting Rebe a pair of warm woolen bed socks at her request. I've really enjoyed them and will start a pair for Benny next I think.
 I made Joa a tail, because all dogs need a tail,
what a helpful dogger!
 Today after visiting the doctor in town I got all of the last of the presents and stocking fillers, another load of jobs easily ticked off the list.
This afternoon after school we baked:
Instead of writing a little card to each child in the class (which is the tradition in our school) the kids choose something to bake for their class to share on the last day of term. Benny chose to make a Christmas tree cake and Rebe made a batch of fudge.
The kids finish early tomorrow and will spend the afternoon with Andy, they will also be there over night on Saturday giving me lots of time off to relax and prepare for next week when Garry and his dogs will come and celebrate Christmas with us in what is going to be a very happy, noisy, crazy, fun and lovely, lovely time!
I can't wait :-)


  1. But isn't the waiting also such a lovely time, when your anticipation grows, and you KNOW it is going to be lovely.... savour these moments.
    I love reading these updates of your Christmas preparations, the cozy, warm feeling radiates through your words. :-)

    1. oh I am loving the build up too, I have learnt over the years that is last so much longer than the event, I have also learnt how important living each moment is and that unrealistic expectations of what things 'should be like' more likely than not only leads to stress and upset while missing the special moment you are in right now. :-) x

  2. I also love reading your updates on holiday preparations. You sound very well organized and happy. I hope you continue to enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

    Warmly, Sarah

    1. hi sarah I'm sure I will thank you and i wish you and yours a very happy christmas also x