Friday, April 16, 2010

beach days

The weather has been just glorious for the past week or so and we have spent much of our days down on the beach. I find it so relaxing and therapeutic just being by the water. We go in the afternoons when everyone else is at work or school or for an hour after dinner so we tend to have the whole place pretty much to ourselves. I can sit and knit or read or just relax and the kids will very happily play for hours
Digging is a must. Rebe is often an archaeologist or a museum lady digging up bits of pottery and bones.

Of course 'stone age bone age' is still played a lot, and many large pieces of drift wood get skinned and cooked and eaten.


hammering in of sticks


sand gardens

Benny has discovered pushing daisies into the holes of his crocs

making beach wrack jewellery (she went to pre-school wearing this necklace this if they don't think we're weird enough!)

check out the bling (clung)

And after all this outdoor play the kids are sleeping really well...they are not waking up til well past 7 every was even 8.12am yesterday morning.
On my way to bed last night I popped in to give them a kiss and tuck them up and found them like this....
They'd just melt your heart.

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