Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yahoo! new camera

Andy mentioned to me a couple of days ago that I should choose a new camera. After much soul searching (we don't have much spare cash lying around) and browsing various review sites...I still couldn't decide. Andy took the decision out of my hands and came home from work today and plonked a new camera on the table. It is an Olympus utough (I had been looking at the model). Specially designed for people like me who keep dropping them. It is also splash proof and dust proof. It is Fabby and this is how happy I am with it... I feel I can justify the expense too in that I never buy anything for myself and I do need to have a camera for the birth of the new baby.... I'm so happy about it woohoo!
So here to try it out are a few pictures...

The new big boys boots

The new big girls shoes (scuffed already!)

And here are a little wee small pair of soakers for the new baby I finished a few days ago after the camera broke.
I will obviously be posting LOTS more pictures in the near future...
Happy happy grin grin

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  1. Hooray! And you are so cute!
    The shoes are adorable- I so love mary janes. :) I even have been known to put them on my boys. . .