Monday, April 19, 2010

a day to myself

I've been finding my emotions a bit hard to manage the past few weeks. My hormones are all over the place and I'm tired and emotional all the time. After some really good advice from a friend of mine, I realised that I've had no time without the kids for months. So I decided to take some time for myself yesterday. It was a glorious sunny Sunday. Once I got everything ready I left the kids and Andy to look after each other and I drove over to Rosscarberry.
It was a blissful day. I went swimming (well blobbing really) in the hotel pool, then I wandered around the village which was bursting with spring flowers and quirky buildings. I love the way the light shone through this stain glass.
I had lunch at a lovely little organic restaurant that I found in the village.
Yummy, feta cheese and sun dried tomato bagel.

Even yummier chocolate brownie and coffee.
I read and knitted until I was so rested I was ready to go home. I even picked up some pizza's for dinner...
Rebe wrote this menu (as she was so delighted it was pizza for tea):
She has discovered what writing is. It is so exciting for her. She sounds out the words and is writing down the decoded letters she is hearing. I'm so glad we held off with formal school this year and she has had the chance to discover the joys of language and reading and writing for herself, without rules and formal structures spoiling the shear pleasure of discovering how language works.
So all in all it was a lovely restful day that I won't leave so long this time before repeating!


  1. It looks like you had such a wonderful time! I find I am feeling like I need some time for myself too.
    Good for Rebe with her reading and writing! How old is Rebe?

  2. Hi Melanie, you should definitely have some time for yourself if you can. It made such a difference and it was just blissful. I came back so excited to see the kids and Andy (a lovely change for them from grumpy old mummy!)
    Rebe is 4 1/2, she'll be 5 in August and will start school in September. She's been interested in reading for a long time but only just getting into the swing of writing.