Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the last few days

It's been a quiet few days here. We had a brilliant delivery on Friday. Benny's (very early) birthday present from Bubs and Man arrived..thank you thank you thank you, we LOVE it! I have wanted to get the kids a wagon for ages, but they are very hard to come by in Ireland and also outrageously expensive. However, I recently came across Wonder Wagons, based in Ireland and very reasonable and am delighted with it. So are the kids! We took it to the shop straight away to get ice creams. The idea is to be able to transport everything we need (and Benny when needed) up and down to the beach (and other places).
We had a surprise visit from friends on Saturday which was so lovely.
Sunday was really lovely and lazy, I did a pile of mending in the morning...

and I finished this cardi for the baby. I also knitted Benny up a pair of shorties. I've still to wash and block them so will post a pick of them when I've done that.

Yesterday (Monday) I had an appointment with my midwife, my last one at her house unless I go very over again. Everything is fine and normal. I am now 34 +4.
here I am with the big belly.
This is always such an odd week for me, as it makes me think so much about Rebe's birth (she was born at 34 +5). It is funny to think of how perfect and complete this little baby is inside me. Rebe was so tiny when she was born but so perfect in every way. I remember so clearly the night she was born. I had such an over whelming feeling of joy. I was alone downstairs in the ward and she was up in NICU. I was too excited to sleep but I didn't know where she was or how to get to her and Andy had gone home. I remember feeling how amazing the world was all of a sudden. Like it had this opportunity to be so great because Rebe was in it. Makes me feel tearful now thinking about it!
I'm really excited to see who is going to arrive in a few weeks.

Big ol' bump!


  1. Wow, you look wonderful! So big- and looking ready!
    I love the baby cardi. :)
    That must've been hard to have Rebe so early- did you go into labor early? How soon were you able to bring her home?
    I'm very excited for you- only a few weeks! I'm nearly 30 weeks so I guess I'm getting close too!

  2. Hi Melanie, yes I went into spontanious labour with her that early. I went into denial completely about what was happening, I was also pretty ignorant...I literarly hadn't read that chapter in the book yet. Once I got to hospital I was already 8cm dilated and I could stop fighting what was happening and just enjoy the labour which I did. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me, Rebe or the placenta, she was just ready to come out (she's still like that now, just wants to do it yesterday!). She was in NICU for 10 days, that was hard and I was only in hospital for 3 of those, so I had to commute during the day to be with her. It is getting exciting now, starting to feel more real! Got a load of tiny little nappies from a friend today...eek!

  3. Wow, I guess she was just ready to come and meet you for real! I imagine that was really hard having her in NICU for 10 days. Thank goodness it was 10 days and not longer. What did they have to do for her? Did she need help breathing?
    She sure is such a cutie-girl!

  4. They kept her in to make sure she was putting on weight etc. She was a bit jaundiced and so needed to go under the lights, but that was all. she is a very special little lady and I'm so happy that she's here!