Thursday, April 1, 2010

it's official...

I'm having a baby! It must be true because he or she has been knitted for...
felt a bit weird knitting for someone I haven't met yet, but I love it! It is this pattern and the yarn is a silk/ pure wool mix. It was so gorgeous and soft to knit with and I think what I've chosen will do either a boy or a girl. I chose short sleeves too as it'll be more useful in summer and means it'll last longer too ;-) I had a little of the yarn left over so I'm doing this little pilots cap. I have made a wee mistake in the pattern, but I don't like ripping out (I'm too impatient) but I think it'll be fine anyway.
All very exciting! Makes me want to get the rest of the baby clothes out and see what there is.
Talking of clucking...

Here are the finished egg cosies. March's craft activity for the Children's year craft along. I'll give them to the kids on Easter morning. Bubs sent really gorgeous little egg cups in her Easter parcel and they will be perfect for these mother hens to sit on!
Our final bit of spring cleaning/ organising. Andy (finally after much nagging) put up the pegs for the dressing up clothes. I love these pegs. They are unfinished pine and are apples and stars. I got all 5 of them from a charity shop for 1 Euro! I think they're perfect!

And here is Rebe (with her proud face?!) showing off the dress Bubs made for her!

(Sadly she fell in the mud in the garden about 4 minutes after this picture was taken and her tights and cardi were wrecked, though luckily the dress didn't have a scrap of mud on it!)
The weather has been very odd here the past few days; gale force winds, snow, hail, rain, glorious sunshine...I'm hoping it will get better for the weekend and we can get out and about a bit!
Wishing you all a very happy Easter x


  1. Congratulations! :) I love the yarn you're knitting with, and that is a sweet little sweater. I know what you mean about knitting for someone you haven't met yet! I am having to estimate for sizing based on my other children as babies, and I hope I am right!
    Rebe looks darling in that dress!
    Oh, I'd better get going on my egg cozies!

  2. Thanks Melanie! This is the first baby I have knitted for, having been knitting for less than a year... the poor wee mite will be in nothing but homemade clothes! It's brilliant being able to get really lovely, expensive yarn and being able to knit something with just one ball!