Wednesday, April 28, 2010

productive day

We had a very productive morning here yesterday. Which I liked, I like achieving a lot in the day. We spent the morning cleaning (interspersed with eating biscuits). I'd forgotten the playroom had a floor!
We made little, tiny rolls

Rebe made Benny this train

Then we made some cream. Rebe's skin has gotten quite dry again and Benny has a few patches too. Our usual cream is very expensive and looked simple enough to make. Melanie's post about her salve inspired me to find a recipe to make something similar ourselves
We made it using 10g Beeswax, 40ml calendula oil, 10ml cooled chamomile and nettle tea, 10 drops of Lavender oil. We melted together the beeswax and calendula oil in a bain marie, then we very slowly dropped in the tea while stirring fast. When the tea and oil were mixed we dropped in the Lavender oil (the Lavender is quite strong so I think we'll add less of that next time).

We poured that into a clean, empty jar and let it set in a cool place.

Rebe labeled it. She wrote out 'ber rob' (translated: 'bear rub' which is what we call a massage) and I have to say I am very pleasantly impressed with how it came out. We'll definitely be making some more of that.


  1. Oh I am glad you made some salve! The first time I made it I couldn't believe how easy it was- before that it seemed like there was a mystery about the whole thing. I am interested in your recipe- I like the sound of it with nettle, calendula, chamomile and lavender- those are all my favorites!

  2. Hi Melanie, it was one of your posts that inspired me to give it a go, and you're right itseems unbelievably easy to do. It i non greasy and smells really good (albeit a bit strongly of lavender). I made my first batch of detergent yesterday, am doing my first load at the moment. It went a bit gloopy, is that right? I'm assuming it's a borax thing. I'll let you know the results anyway! x

  3. It does go gloopy- yes. Sort of liquidy with some gloops. I give it good shakes each time I use it- I hope you like it! Now I'm sorta nervous you might not like it. . .

  4. Ah brilliant that sounds exactly right. Anyway, it seems to be working brilliantly, did a load of nappies and I'm really pleased with the results. Thank you, you're a love for passing on the recipe x x