Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

All in all it was a lovely day. It started out pretty grotty. Benny woke too early and woke Rebe and myself up. I gave in at 7am and we got up for breakfast. The kids came down to the table I had set last night.. They each had a lamb that I had knitted for them, a little ceramic egg cup with chicks on it (with a handmade chocolate egg inside (thanks Bubs)). This was being sat on my a mother hen I made out of felt. They also had a little chick and their Easter baskets from playgroup for their egg hunt.
How cute is that egg cup!
The lambs I finished last night. I had knitted the bits a good wee while ago, but left the sewing up until the night before last. When to my horror I found I had lost the bleedin' pattern! So I had to improvise the sewing up. Still they came out ok, each with a ribbon and a bell. To my utter delight the kids LOVE them! They have been called the 'Baa's'. Benny's is called Baa and in the usual way Rebe's has about 10 names and will do until she decides on one. They have been carried around all day, read to, fed, cuddled and kissed and are now tucked up in bed with the pair of them.

We did our egg hunt around the house. I wish now I'd had the balls to hide the goodies in the garden but the weather's been so unpredictable I just did it inside to be on the safe side...

There are no pictures of the finding as that was fairly frenzied!

After all that excitement and chocolate (I allowed 4 little eggs before putting everything away) we did of course have numerous tantrums. Added to this Benny is really teething at the minute so is super cross! I chucked them out into the garden to run it off and when they came back we made a fruit smoothie to combat some of the sugar...

I really should do these everyday. The kids work so well together making them and they just love them. This one was apple, banana, kiwi and some Greek yogurt. It really did smooth us out.
I prepared lunch (part of my combating tiredness strategy) and we got ready to go to the park. Benny fell asleep in the buggy after about 5 mins (thank god) and Rebe and I had a lovely time walking, chatting and singing.

Lunch was cooked by the time we got home. After that the kids opened the presents that their aunt and uncle had sent them.
They both got cute little t-shirts and some lovely tiny eggs. After disappearing from the room for a few minutes Rebe came in wearing hers proudly... even Benny came in with his over his head (he didn't manage the arms though). Thanks Brighton Angels!

I had a good rest this afternoon and when I came back downstairs I decorated some Easter biscuits with the kids which we had with tea....

So overall it was a lovely day, hope you had a lovely Easter too!

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