Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I'm excited about..

making soup with the rest of the veggies my friend gave me from her garden. The grapes (yes Irish grapes) were gobbled on the first day though. I'm excited about the pounds of elderberries that Andy picked for me on one of the trees at work,
and the three pints of Elderberry Syrup I made with it.
I bought this stuff last year for 10 euro for a 150ml bottle! It's so packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants and tastes just yummy. It'll hopefully ward off the autumn and winter snuffles!
I'm excited about the arrival of my craft materials...

and trying new crafts...
I'm also very excited about the Clonakilty Steiner Kindergarden parent and child classes that we attended yesterday. It was just so lovely, the place was beautifully set up, with natural (non plastic) toys, open ended toys. the shelves were filled with arts and crafts materials and the staff were just a delight. The garden was bursting with veggies, herbs and flowers. There are swings and slides and, joy of joys, an old boat to play in (Benny heaven!). We had playtime, then we made biscuits together, played in the garden, then sang some songs, then had tea and the delicious biscuits we'd made. It was just wonderful, so calm and peaceful and the kids had a ball!
What are you excited about today?


  1. Oh aren't you SO lucky to have elderberries! I also buy the syrup, would love to make my own.
    The Steiner parent child class sounds awesome and beautiful!
    Today I am excited about. . .the beautiful sunshine and crisp temps outside- Fall coming!

  2. Hi Melanie, I keep trying to leave comments on your blog, but I can't seem to get to do it... don't know why maybe I'm too impatient and it's just being slow. I just wanted to ezri worship really, I love that picture of him laughing! also apple yumminess made my mouth water! autumn is so lovely (especially when it isn't constantly raining). hugs x