Wednesday, September 1, 2010

first day of school

Here she is! Looking ever so smart! All ready and raring to go to her first day of school!and here is her little brother looking.... well what can you say?! (When we were picking Rebe up someone looked at him and described him as a free spirit, I think that may be a euphamism for a bit nuts)

In the car going to drop her off.

Rebe's class room.
Her teacher was so lovely and welcoming. Rebe went straight to her and introduced herself and gave her the big bag of goodies she made for her yesterday.

While Rebe was at school Benny and I tried out our mincer/ pasta maker that I picked up from a charity shop last week. Lots of fun when we got the hang of it (and stopped squabbling over whose go it was to turn the handle).

When she got home Rebe rang Bubs to tell her all about her first day.
Among the things said was 'I didn't like it, I loved it' and 'It was heaven for me'.
Interestingly, nearly everything she told me about her day was made up. There were very few actual facts but lots of fantastic stories. Over all I think she had a great time and is looking forward to her next day tomorrow!

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