Monday, September 27, 2010

good fun

On Saturday we went here, to the Engage Arts Festival. It was loads of fun, we met up with some friends (so great to see them). There was lots to look at and do... It was very 'green' and there were lots of interesting green innovations and demo's. We looked at people making wee houses out of willow, there were puppet makers, a make your own pizza then fire it in a mud oven, re-fashion t-shirts, some stalls with local organic produce.
The kids painted some plant pots.

Benny just loved this and spent a good 20 mins painting his, he used up loads of paint so really got his 2 euros worth ;-)

There was an open singing session, which was great and I would've joined in but I had a boy on the boob at the time.

This was a really cool wrought iron stand, I love the fire bowl! Something I'd love to get at some point!

Rebe also made a little pipe cleaner man. This activity was run by a 10 year old boy. He was so cool, really in charge of it all and great at teaching the kids how to make the little men.

The weather was just glorious too and when we had exhausted the festival we went to the park for a good play.
Today after dropping Rebe to school and doing our daily jobs Benny and I went out for a walk...this is all Benny wants to do at the moment and periodically puts on his hat in the hope we'll be going out.
We collected lots of things on the beach and Benny stuck them on a page when we got home, including a snails shell and a good few crab claws (makes an interesting picture...lets hope it won't smell).

Look at this boy smiling at his mama! Hope you all had fun weekends too! x


  1. I am so glad that you are able to go to all these wonderful activities with your children. You live in such a cool community.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I was thinking of you yesterday, so nice to hear from you. Yes, we are very lucky there is lots of really great stuff to do around here x

  3. this sounds like my kinda festival. . .!
    Benny is just so cute in all that he does! And look at that Joshua smiling! He is just delicious!