Sunday, September 19, 2010

a new sunday ritual

Since Rebe started school, I thought it would be nice to end the weekend with a recognisable end of weekend ritual. So we sharpen her pencils,
and polish her shoes. Benny wanted a go too so I let him polish my slippers. Don't know why he needed the rubber glove though!
We went for a wee walk in the woods this afternoon. We played shops, which was lovely and not something we've played there for ages. Benny wanted to go home though so we brought all the shop things with us to play with at home...

Oh yes and this funny thing happened... we were having a quick climb on a large stone which is on the path on the way to the woods when an American family went passed us. The mummy came running back to us and asked if she could take a picture of the kids 'as they looked so cute'. I said she could but they were very dirty and she said 'Aww they're really authentic'. ha ha ha still makes me laugh, authentic!
Hope you all had a peaceful weekend.


  1. Having an end of weekend ritual is sucha great idea, Laura! I'd like to do something like that with the children too.
    Your kids are authentic- real kids who have so much fun! Funny about the lady though- being American I can imagine she loved hearing the children's accents! You said you're Scottish, right? Is Andy also from Scotland, or Ireland?

  2. Actually Andy is English from Brighton right down in the south, so the kids ahve a funny mix of accents. Although they're bound to pick up a cork accent when they are at school.
    On the weekend ritual, I think we might introduce one for Friday evenings too to mark the beginning of the weekend ( I used to have a great one when I was a teenager called the Powerhouse...local nightclub), but perhaps ice cream or something like that?!
    hugs x