Friday, September 24, 2010

morning dinosaurs

This is a picture of how Rebe spends her mornings (and most of the rest of her time when we're at home). She just loves duplo. It is quite amazing watching her, she has an idea of what she wants to make then she figures out how to get the right shapes. This is one of 3 dinosaurs she made this morning before school. (She has her pinny on to stop her uniform getting porridge all over it). It seems like a move on from drawing, which she isn't doing much of at the moment. She's such a creative wee person.
My sleeping baby...too cute not to photograph!

look at those perfect lips and the softest, sweetest smelling peachy skin!

Is this the beginning of our rainbow season?
It's certainly the beginning of autumn and we are looking forward to some equinox celebrations tonight.
hugs x


  1. Oh yes Rebe is such a clever and creative little girl! Ella is a bit older than Rebe, but they remind me of one another and I know they'd be great friends. :)
    And yes, what a delicious little baby face! I'd smooch it a lot if I were you. . .I'll bet that you do!

  2. yup lots of smooching and sniffing and general worshipping going on :-)