Friday, October 21, 2011

Buddies ~ ghosts and pumpkins

With Halloween fast approaching we did some lovely halloween themed activities at Buddies home school this week. It was Benny, Joa and my turn to lead the singing this week and we wanted to teach everyone a halloween song. After much debate and browsing of youtube we decided on a song about 5 little ghosts. To go with this song we made 5 simple little ghost props.

grab a child sized handful of wool roving or stuffing and scrumple it into a ball.

Place this in the centre of a (clean) tissue

Gather the tissue firmly around the stuffing an tie securely with white wool or thick thread. Leave one end very long and with a sharp and long needle thread the long end up through the centre of the ghosts head so that it will hang.

We glued on some googley eyes but these could of course be drawn on.

The song we sang went like this:

"5 little ghosts are we, flying round the trees. When people come round, listen to the sound Woooooooooo. 5 little ghosts are we. (take away one ghost) 4 little ghosts are we etc etc...

1 little ghost am I, flying through the sky. I'm all alone, I'll just go home. No little ghosts in the sky."

The Buddies enjoyed it and we also sang a few other songs too before donning our aprons to do some painting with Roisine.

We painted the paper mache pumpkins that we made last week. We also painted some pumkin shapes cut out of paper. Roisine had brought cut out eyes and green stalks to stick onto the pumpkins.

One of last weeks' paper mache balloons had collapsed but we painted it anyway...

And for one of us it was their very first time painting...

After clearing up we had a snack then off out to play in Susan's wonderful garden. The kids even got to collect the eggs laid by Susan's hens. The weather was fresh and they all came back in rosey cheeked for a wonderful story read by Zoe; Mr Magnolia's Boot by Quentin Blake.

This was also our first session when we had a full compliment, all six families were here and so we got a family portrait...

and look not one person is crying :-)

It's our halloween party next week and we're all looking forward to it.


  1. I love the Halloween crafts, especially the ghosts! We did a similar thing for ghosts last year and they are certainly easy and effective. Your group looks lovely, what a great way to spend a day. My children love to take it in turns to collect the eggs here too. Its especially nice if they are still warm! I do love Quentin Blake. We have all his books and we never tire of the stories. We especially like "We All Join In" Its a great book! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Liz x

  2. Love the ghost craft and song. I am a huge fan of simple projects that the stuff I already have, so will be trying it out this week.

  3. That looks like an awesome time. I especially love the adorable googly eyed ghosts with the lovely tune!

  4. Looks like a fun day of crafting and painting, we used to make little ghosts like this when I was little. Such a fun time of year! ~April

  5. Looks like you all have great fun at your meet-up. Sweet little ghosties.

  6. Hi
    I have nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award on my blog!
    Kimmy x

  7. Hi all, Liz, I loved the story had never read it before will be looking out for more in the library :-) Fiona, I'd love to hear how you get on :-) Hi hannah, kelly and april, it was so much fun and the kids loved singing with props. Kimmy thank you very much, I'm honored x x

  8. Dear Laura, you're always having so much creative fun over there! The ghosts are so sweet! We've been doing ghosts and pumpkins too. . .
    Love to you! And miss you. . . I've got to catch up via email soon.