Monday, October 10, 2011

my walk ~ autumn

I have been trying to go out walking at least twice a week, alone or with Joa on my back in the ergo. I started doing this walk ( in the summer and it is so much part of my feeling better, fitter, healthier and whole.

The summer is very much over here and my walk has changed. I can't go in the evenings now as it is too dangerous to walk along the cliffs in the dark. Instead I try and grab an hour where I can. I try to be very present in the moment while I am walking and noticing my body, how it feels and also noticing what is around me and the changes that autumn has brought.

I notice the leaves underfoot, the crunch while I walk. I notice I have to wear boots rather than sandals.

I notice Benny's dragon is brown now no longer green.

I notice how much light there is as the foliage is now sparse and also the council have trimmed many branches along the path.

I notice the thick black line that is the horizon.

I notice how green the fields are, grass where in the summer there was hay.

I notice the blackberries ripe and beyond ripe.

I notice the hedgerow scarlet with haws, deepening and darkening in colour each day.

I notice how tired he is as he is nearing the end. No longer able to flutter away from me as I crouch near to take a photo.

Everywhere there are incredible mushrooms, I could almost sit under this one...well almost ;-)

I notice sloe berries so plump and ripe they are popping their skins, and I find things I have no idea what they are (do you know?)

I notice the chill in the air and the need for me and my (sleeping) walking partner to wear hats.

My walk is so important to me, it gives me time and space to breath and calm myself. It is my meditation. I have started using a mantra for those times when I find my mind wandering from noticing. My friend gave me this mantra a few months ago and I use it often when I need to be present, when I need to give my head a break from thinking and planning, when I just need to be.

May I be filled with loving kindness,

May I be well,

May I be peaceful and at ease,

May I be happy.

I wish all those things for you

hugs x


  1. such a lovely walk and lots to notice, many I have started to notice on our walks as well, especially while foraging for leaves for the rabbits and tortoise. everything has gone to seed or has a mildew growing on it :-(
    We did manage to get some lovely blackberries for our crumble though!
    Thanks for sharing x

  2. Laura, this is so beautiful- thank you for taking us on your walk!

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing...we all need to take this time every day!

  4. No idea what the berries are. That mantra is a simplified version of the Buddhist Metta...

    In appreciation of your boundless creativity, have a Kreativ Blogger award with my love xx

  5. Beautiful, Laura. Nothing better than contemplative and connective walking. I need to walk too every day to refuel. As do my boys.

  6. thank you all and thank you dear Lucy x x

  7. So so beautiful, thank you for sharing your special walk with us. How wonderful to have such a place to be each day!