Tuesday, October 25, 2011

feel like blogging

Today I feel like blogging. For the past wee while I just haven't felt in the mood. Life has been really full and really wonderful and I just had no apetite for sitting in front of the computer, so sorry to everyone to whom I owe an email, they will come eventually.

We've been enjoying lots of goodness, the kids have been playing really well together. As Benny's language has developed so has his ability to enter into Rebe's games. Rebe and Benny as Julian and Dick on Kirrin Island

Much of Rebe's play is inspired by books and pictures that she sees. She is still completely in love with Enid Blyton's Famous Five. We have been reading the first book of the series as our bedtime book. A chapter a night (or if it's a really exciting bit 2)

On Sunday morning Rebe 'built' Kirrin Island in the kitchen. Benny arrived shortly after (as Dick) in George's rowing boat. Joa was delighted to climb up the rocks (the blue step) and join them on the island as Timmy (the dog). They played this game for quite a while, although they did spend most of the time arguing, but it was interesting to see how they resolved their play and their power struggles with words instead of full on fisty cuffs :-)

Joa also has begun to 'play' instead of just bimble about. He likes dressing up a lot and even crawls around on all fours pretending to be a cat sometimes. However his favourite game is still biting people's toes when they are trying to read a story on the couch ;-)

Rebe got a really wonderful (slightly belated) birthday present from my dearest, bestest friend today. It has sparked Rebe's imagination and she is forming plans and ideas that I am sure we will share with you at some later date.

Life for me of late has been full of health. I am still following an ayurvedic approach to health and living and it is just amazing.

A hearty vegetable stew with corn bread for lunch, so warming on a chilly autumn day.
I also made ghee today rather than buying it, I didn't get to focus on it as much as I would like, but I hope it'll be fine.

Craft wise things are also great, I have had 6 custom order requests for dolls. So exciting, and I am loving every second of making these dolls. I finished this one last night...

I'm so pleased with her and I am really looking forward to making the others. It does mean though that I have very little (or make that no) time for any other crafting, so I am not sure if my kids will get anything home made by me this Christmas.

But for today, and probably tomorrow much of this busy goodness has ground to a halt as this poor wee man struggles with yet another illness.

He has had a temperature all day. He has a sore head and a sore tummy, He's not eating again and not drinking as much as he usually does. All he wants to do is cuddle and read stories, which is fine with me and is all we have been doing today (well apart from trying to curl our toes up away from a biting Joa!).

Life is good here (illness aside) and I hope it is for you too



  1. Dear Laura,
    It has been the same for me- my heart has not been in blogging lately, there is too much going on!
    Poor, poor sweet boy- I am sorry he is sick! I hope he feels better soon!

  2. Here's a test comment.



  3. I have been the same with blogging, finding it very hard to sit down and write about life, when we are so busy enjoying it! It looks like you are all having a lot of fun, I love the idea of kirrin island! My daughter has just started to read the books, I loved them so much when I was a girl.
    I do so love the word fisty cuffs! It reminds me of life as one of four children. Its always much nicer when they resolve their differences without the fighting though. I wonder if Rebe is anything like my daughter in her bossing the boys? We didn't have another daughter till we had had the three boys, and consequently, Zoe got into the habit of bossing the boys terribly! They are rebelling a little now against it, but quite funnily, my younger daughter is just as bossy, and so they get bossed from both ends of the scale as it were! Its all good practice I say, a man might just as well get used to being bossed at a young age!
    I adore your dolls, your latest is just lovely! I know its hard work, but you are going to make many little ones dreams come true this Christmas!
    Hope you have a great weekend, Liz x

  4. Wow, that is an incredible view you have out your windows! We have been enjoying many vegetable stews here too.
    I hardly noticed how little blog writing I have been doing, then I realized I posted a whole entire two times this month. Once a week would be lots for me.
    I hope your little one is feeling much better!

  5. hi renee, yes I am so blessed to live here, it takes my breath away everytime I look out of the window :-) Liz thanks for you kind words, I think that there will be about 8 kids around the world this Christmas opening my dolls on christmas morning. How lovely is that!! Yes the language in the enid blyton is so fab, Rebe said at the dinner table the other day 'Joa's a pig over crusts' :-) We've just finished the 1st one and I really enjoyed reading it, I never read them as a child...makes me want to have adventures! Thanks Mel, he's much better now :-) x x

  6. Just popping in after being away from the computer a bunch myself- it is so nice to catch up! I love seeing what your kids are getting up to- and you too! (that doll is beautiful- I love her sweater!) My boys had a similar chair construction set up in the kitchen today, only it was a building being built and we had to be careful of falling objects from the crane above! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling so well- I am also feeling great from our change in diet. Big hugs for your sweet sick boy. Hope you all get some sleep tonight!