Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buddies Nature Walk

This week at Buddies Home School, we planned to do a nature walk. We have some halloween plans for the coming weeks so we wanted to make sure that we had the time to take the kids out into the autumn world and savour it together. The weather wasn't great, but we all had brought waterproofs and buggies and slings so we went out anyway. The kids were thrilled and while everyone was getting ready they raced out to do some very busy work on the stoney drive way.

The hosts house is up on a wee hill, next to her house is a lane way with no traffic. There are old stone walls on each side with wonderful trees and hedgerows overhanging making it a perfect place to take young children to explore.

We took our buckets to gather treasures in.

We found lots of wonderful things, berries and leaves and beach nuts and helicopters. We heard birds singing and saw cows in the fields.

Home again we carried on with our usual Buddies rhythm and did a bit of crafting. We ripped newspaper up and made 2 paper mache balloons. These will be painted orange next week to be made in pumpkin lanterns to decorate our halloween party table.

I didn't get any pictures of the kids sticking. Joa and very running glue is not a great combination and he managed to pour a whole pot over poor old H! But it was lots of fun and the mummies really enjoyed doing this craft too.

Snack time.

After snack the kids had free playtime and the mummies had a chance to go over some admin we needed to sort out.

We ended with a very fitting story about a mouse going for a walk...through a deep dark wood...

The kids all loved the Gruffalo. Roisine and Zoe read it together and it worked so beautifully. It had been a very full and fun session...

being a buddy is very tiring :-)

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