Wednesday, October 5, 2011

kings and queen of autumn

Benny has been really busy the last few days. Since getting better everyone has noticed how much he has grown, both mentally and physically. I've had some wonderful converstaions with him about his dreams, his thoughts, things he wonders about and his genuine suprise that he's not turned into a superhero yet. He's been doing lots of baking.

chatting with his daddy (and eating and eating and eating and eating)

He's been doing lots of big brother-ing

painting, drawing and making up our own stories to make into books

more brother-ing

more baking (these are wee tiny apple pies)

Today, to his utter delight was Buddies Home School day.

He packed his bags first thing in the morning and waited and waited until eventually it was time to go.

I had a wee peak at what he had packed when he was in the loo...

...his new slippers, a satsuma and an old key (I love it)

At Buddies today we did some lovely autumn activities.

We sang a lovely autumn song:

(to the tune of London Bridge)

Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.

Autumn leaves are falling down,

to the ground.

Red and orange and yellow and brown,

yellow and brown, yellow and brown,

Red and orange and yellow and brown

are their colours.

After that we magic-ed ourselves into squirrels (or as Benny calls them Squillows) and we scurried around the hallway pretending to gather nuts from tall trees and bury them in a hole. Then we collected pretend moss and leaves and made a cosy nest and turned around and around to make it cosy then snuggled down for a sleep.

We magic-ed ourselves back to boys and girls again and we made autumn crowns.

Amanda lead this activity for us, it was really lovely and worked so well.

She had prepared long folded strips of newsprint and painted them orange.

The children glued on pre-cut paper leaves and also real leaves and twigs and seeds that Amanda had gathered. When they had done enough of that we fitted them onto their heads and secured the crowns with tape.

The kids really enjoyed this and were very proud of their crowns,

(or gardens)

Our kids looked like true kings and queens of autumn :-)

During free play we had a good chance to plan a few sessions ahead and we've got some lovely ideas for our next few meetings.

We ended with the story of the Three Bears and our goodbye song.

I'm so glad Benny is back to normal again and I'm so glad that we get to do these lovely things together :-)


  1. Dear Laura, I am also glad that Benny is back to normal again!
    Your children's group sounds so wonderful- I wish we had something like that here for Asa and Ezri! Though then I'd have to tow along the older two, somehow.
    Hey, I just ordered those boots for Ezri! His feet are so incredibly wide, I cannot even get rubber boots or anything on his feet that Asa wore (and Asa has wide feet!)- not even if they're a size larger. The soft stars in wide fit, so he and Joa will match!
    But now I'm turning a comment into what should be an email.
    Which reminds me, Jules says she has tried to comment here but blogger won't let her- it isn't letting her comment on my blog either. Hopefully we'll figure it out soon.

  2. By the way you look so lovely and full of light!

  3. What a wonderful bunch of Autumn activities! The crowns look like a fun project. I love what he packed- how cute! ~April