Sunday, May 6, 2012

extra curricular activities

We're having such a lovely long weekend.
 Leisurely breakfasts
 a peaceful start to the day.
 Lots of doing things around the home, like crafting. Rebe made this little bunny out of wool roving and a ribbon. I must get her to show me how she did it!

Andy and I try and keep the children's lives as simple as possible. We try and make sure that their days aren't filled for them with lots of stuff going on. Last year I read Simplicity Parenting and was really taken by so many of the ideas and suggestions in the book. One of which is keeping a simple schedule; to not over book our children into lots of activities. To keep big chunks out of their day free to just be, to do their own thing, to discover and pursue their own interests. For this reason we have held off any extra-curricular activities for Rebe. However, since last summer she has been asking and asking to join one particular group... Tidy Towns!
It's very sweet really and she is very keen and dedicated. So far she has attended one meeting and we all went along to help out at the big spring clean a couple of weeks ago. The only problem is that the meetings are held on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm, in a pub. This means that they don't usually start actually tidying the town until 8pm and this is all getting a bit late for Rebe, especially on a school night when our normal bedtime for her is 8.15pm! 
But today Andy suggested we go and do our own tidy towns and go and clean up the slip way in the harbor.
 she made her own high vis vest :-)
 Benny trying to pull up an enormous tree trunk without daddy's winch

 daddy's winch pulling the tree trunk and the kids

 phew finished!
 a well earned break

 I really melt at the thought of Rebe wanting to be part of tidy towns so much and Andy and I are only too happy and proud to support and encourage her.

 Of course I am still getting to do a bit of my extra curricular activity:
 She's nearly finished just a wee bit of newborn sized knitting to go.

Andy too has been busy...
 catching enormous fish :-)
This cod weighed 12 lb, he also caught another 2 cod (7lb and 4 lb) and also an 8lb bull huss, a 10 lb ling. He had gone out with a friend of his who owns the local charter fishing boats, he had a great day and what's more has been asked to go back out with the boat tomorrow to help out as a crew member!...

 Wow what a dream come true.
The kids are always so fascinated by the fish that he brings home and I am always delighted to be filling my freezer :-)


  1. Replies
    1. it is Sammy Kitten, we are truly so lucky to live here and live this life :-) x

  2. My word !!!! that fish !!
    great blog post - I love reading about your families antics xx

    1. I know it is going to feed us for a week!! yummy :-) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting :-) x x

  3. How amazing that your kids are so into making the place they live cleaner and better.
    And as a Mama who has kids that also go to bed pretty early, I hear your frustration about activities that don't start until 'late'. Well done for taking such initiative!