Thursday, May 3, 2012

spring greens

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, perhaps even a tiny feel of summer in the air. Today though it's back to autumn or winter again but yesterday was glorious and we spent the whole afternoon outside.
We went up to our drill at our friend's farm to check on every thing's progress and plant some new seedlings.
 onions peeping through
helpers covering tender little cabbage plants.
The green house is in full production, 
sweet peas thriving which we are hoping will bring in some bees to help pollination
 sweet lettuces

Just before bedtime we noticed that an actual pirate ship had anchored in the estuary just outside our house! Oh the excitement!
 But even more exciting, I came down with the kids to breakfast to find...
in the night it had had a baby!
Congratulations mama ship :-)


  1. Awesome! My four year old is completely enthralled with Peter Pan and Captain hook - really all of Neverland, but the Pirates... well, what's cooler than Pirates?! Not much to him. ;)

  2. Oh goody another Peter Pan fan :-) Rebe is hugely in love with him and has been for years! Thanks for stopping by x