Thursday, May 31, 2012

ice cream van

Imagination is such a wonderful thing. If it is given a little time, a little space some amazing games emerge. At a car boot sale last week I found a really lovely 1950's ice cream scoop, I treated myself to it and all of my family have fallen in love with it. Yesterday I found that Benny had borrowed it for a really great game that lasted for ages and that we all ended up playing along with. 

With the sun out and shining bringhtly I was so glad when the ice cream van arrived in our garden.
It had three workers. Joa was the driver,
Benny was in charge of the ice cream and Rebe the decorations.

The squares of the quilts became the different flavours of ice cream
and Benny found that Lambie's head was the perfect size to be a 'scoop' and the rest of his body could be held like a cone.
We had amazing concoctions; strawberry, nuts, chocolate, mint, blue surf, mish mash, sqeedlepop...

 Once the ice cream was on, the cone was handed over for the sprinkles, nuts, sauce and a flake...

 I must've eaten my body weight in ice cream yesterday!
 Luckily it was only pretend or my hips wouldn't have thanked me ;-)

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