Thursday, May 10, 2012

little yellow angel doll

 When i was a little girl I used to have quite bad dreams. To help my fear of going to bed my mum made me a little blue angel out of salt dough. She hung over my bed and would look after me each and every night and my mum would remind me of her being there and watching over me as she tucked me up in bed and kissed me goodnight.
 She really helped and soothed me, my little blue angel, and I am inspired to make an angel doll that will help and soothe someone else.
 She is 11 inches tall and is made of cotton interlock firmly stuffed with clean carded sheep's wool. Inside her wee belly she has a tiny cotton bag that is filled with organic millet and dried lavender flowers. When she is cuddled the millet will rub against the lavender and bruise it gently releasing the aroma along with it's soothing, calming and sleep bringing properties. (Because of the grain and flowers she cannot be immersed in water and you can only spot clean her).
 She has brown eyes and a little mouth embroidered on to her face and her cheeks are blushed with a little red wax. Her hair is very dark brown mohair that has been knitted into a cap and stitched onto her head. I brushed the mohair out and made 2 little plaits.
 On her back she has a little pair of felt wings. These are soft and white and help her to fly around keeping watching over her special person as they sleep.

 She is wearing little yellow cotton trousers and a very soft yellow velour dress.
She was made with so much love and with each stitch I kissed in a good dream. I'm sure that she will be a perfect companion for someone just moving to their own bed, or who is having a difficult time with nightmares. Perhaps going on a holiday, or a stay in hospital she would provide a great deal of comfort...or perhaps she is going to be for someone who just really needs a guardian angel. She will be for sale in my shop soon :-)