Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happiness is...

 finding rainbows inside our house
 (of course I didn't tell them it was a CD that I had thrown up on top of the wardrobe in the landing catching the morning light)
 evidence of play
 finding funny self portraits on my camera that shouldn't be there
 big skies
 sewing outside
 tidy town-ing
 home made toys
 i love hanging out the washing with our funny, rogue, free range guinea pigs darting around  my feet
 a new skirt
 made in an hour last night, using gifted fabric
 with BIG pockets for important things
Bleu and Belle finished and ready to be shipped to their special little people.

My life is so full of happiness right now I am so so lucky.


  1. You really do make some lovely dolls!

    1. oh thank you Rachel, I really love making them, suppose it lets out my inner child lol!

  2. That crown... that crown! The material (felt?) is uber-gorgeous! Please, please share where you found it!

    1. Hi Su, thanks so much. I actually made the felt myself...well I painted it. It was white felt to begin with. I think I took photo's of the process and could post a tutorial if you wanted? x x

    2. Yeesssss pleeeasseee!!!!

  3. So many gorgeous and wonderful things happening for you! Your dolls are lovely, great crown - and I love your indoor rainbow ~ magic!!

    1. thanks very much, I love crafting and it's always fun to be crafting for someone else :-) hugs x x