Thursday, May 31, 2012

a wee catch up

Hello! Wave! Here I am again. First off thanks for all of your emails and messages wondering if we're OK. We're fine, just absent from this space for a combination of reasons both good and bad. Bad: our big computer broke :-( It's in the repair shop but luckily my sweet sister in law passed on this wee tiny notebook to us which I am using at the moment. I'm not great at technology and have been avoiding the challenge of getting to know the machine. Also bad is that Andy's mum has been very ill and this has been occupying our thoughts a lot. Good: My best, best friend and her gorgeous family were here visiting and we cleared the decks to just be with them and enjoy their company which we did. I also didn't lift my camera so these pictures are bits and pieces I found that I had taken over the last few weeks:
 lots of drawing together
 planting and growing
 Benny really embraces this job, this is his pumpkin complete with label
 catching a glimpse of how special baby wearing is (and knowing how much I'll miss it when this time is over)
 cutting the grass with many helpers
 our dear dear friend 'Sir Francis'
 more baby wearing
 I did manage to sneak in a little bit of doll-making. This snuggle buddy a custom order for a wee first birthday
 busy writing in the nature book
and rainbow knitting! Oh I can never get enough of rainbow knitting. This is a sweater for Rebe. She is very hard to dress, being very particular about shape and texture and feel of her clothes. So I let her choose the yarn (by gently directing her to my favourite shelf in the yarn shop lol) and she told me the shape and features that she wanted. I am really enjoying knitting it, and so far I have done front and back and half a sleeve. It's a nice change from tiny doll clothes...and she better ****** wear it! ;-)

Hope you are all well too :-)


  1. Ooh not to talk shop but that little doll is gorgeous. I didn't know you did them for littlies. Do you only do them custom or do they have a category on your etsy thing so I can get a rough idea of price etc? The grandparents are asking for ideas for Nyah's birthday and I'm stumped but she's really into dolls and I HATE plastic ones (they give me nightmares) but thought she was too young for one of yours.

    1. Hi Sammy, I don't mind talking shop at all lol :-) At the moment I only do custom order ones because I am too busy to get anything made for the shop itself. I am working on three though and imagine they will be ready fairly soon. These snuggle buddies are great for smaller kids, babies on wards. Joa had his from about 6 monnths and it is one of his 2 'specials'. I charge 25 euro for a snuggle buddy and I would LOVE to make one for Nyah. You can email me and you can choose eye colour and the colour of fabric. Lots of love and hugs x x

  2. Oh fabby! Will get an email to you later when the monsters are in bed :)

    Thanks a lot, I'm all excited now, hehe.