Thursday, May 17, 2012

waldorf toy exchange

This year I really wanted to give the boys a farm for their birthdays in June. I know I am pretty crafty but my skills simply don't extend to woodwork. I started looking around for a simple, very beautiful, strong and handmade barn, animals and tractors for them. I looked at all of the online toy shops, but there was nothing that really struck me.
 I looked at Etsy and found no farms listed in Ireland, but I did find this awesome crafter and only in the next county. I messaged him through Etsy and asked if I could commission a farm from him. He was so lovely and said yes and asked for more details.
 I could even send him some pictures of what I had in mind. In one of our messages he mentioned that he had a little daughter, so I took a deep breath and asked if he would consider an exchange. I would make his family a custom order Waldorf doll in exchange for his beautiful farm...and I was so delighted because he said yes!!
 I set to work and made this wee doll. She is very sweet and I hope she brings Rossario's family much joy and pleasure.
 And in exchange he sent our family this...
 It is so beyond perfect!!

 The really beautiful barn, the edges all rounded and soft and so gorgeous to look at and it's so strong!

 He made these amazing tractors from one piece of wood, the farmer slides in and out and the wheels turn and are going to drive miles across carpeted fields.
 He also popped in 2 sheep, a ewe and a ram. Oh I am in love!

 Needless to say I have already asked him to make us some more animals for our gorgeous farm. I love his style and I love his manner.
If you are ever in need of a toy then do visit Ventry Toys. Made in Ireland, with so much skill and an awful lot of love...
Now do you think I'll be able to wait until June to give them to the boys?


  1. Oh Laura, it's so beautiful- the doll and the farm! What a perfect exchange!

    1. Thanks Mel, I feel so lucky getting to do these exchanges, and I am very excited about our exchange if you would like to. I will email you properly about it :-) love to you x

  2. What a lovely exchange. Both of you got wonderful toys!!

    1. thank you, it was so lovely to cut out any middleman and just exchange one person's skills for another :-)

  3. How wonderful! Swapping beautiful handmade toys is just lovely, and you both made such wonderful creations :-)

    1. thanks, I just ordered some more bits from ventry toys, his work is so special and unique :-)

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