Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A summer story...

Once upon a time, it was the wettest summer the kingdom had seen for years. It rained and it rained, hardly stopping for breath between the soaking wet days. A challenge was set throughout the land to find a way to stop the rain. A band of 5 strong and brave adventurers heard about this challenge and decided to take it up. So they packed their bags with supplies, raincoats and plenty of dry clothes and set off...
 The 5 had a plan. They knew of a giant. He was a kind and friendly giant called |Minian who lived in a beautiful garden in the depths of West Cork. They knew that he alone had the strength to blow the rain drops away, out of the sky. Brave and bold the 5 set out to find Minian and to ask him to help the kingdom get it's summer back.

 The 5 reached the garden and started to look for Minian. The way was confusing, twisting in and out of rocks, over raging rivers and beneath trees dripping with rain. The 5 had lost their way and were wondering what to do when they heard a tiny sneeze, then a snort.

On top of a rock they saw a little wee woman, busy blowing her nose. The 5 were delighted to find Nora Snots. They had heard of her, in fact many a yarn they had listened to without ever realising that Nora Snots lived in Minian's garden and would be able to direct them the giant.

 She told them the way but advised them to call a few people to let them know where they were going first (just in case). So Benny rang a certain Mr Gannon to tell him of the adventure. He didn't have much to say but the 5 felt reassured knowing that he knew their story so far.
 They carried on, past interesting messages,
 challenging games
 Until they found him:
 There was Minian lying fast asleep behind the trees. The adventurers 5 called to him and told him of the plight of the kingdom and he listened with kindness in his heart and promised to try his best to blow the rain drops away.
 The 5 had done all they could. They thanked Minian and made their way back through his garden stopping to marvel at all the tawter.
 They told each other their own story: the story of themselves
 (after all, this is the best story is it not).

 On passing the rock they thanked Nora Snots for her help and kindness and told her about tissues.
 At the entrance to Minian's garden the 5 found a cave and peeked in.
 Within they found a fairy who was making the most beautiful art...
 As a gift to reward their bravery and sense of adventure the fairy gave them each a piece of her art,
 telling them to carry it in their stomachs.

 The 5 returned to the kingdom with magic in their bellies and fond memories in their hearts and were greeted with great fanfare and honored like kings and queens for their quest to save summer.
Let's hope Minian manages to blow away the raindrops!


  1. What a terrific adventure- I hope it helps bring some sunshine!

    1. it was brilliant, but we're still waiting for the sunshine

  2. Am praying the quest was successful!! Needing to fill our days with more than baking..an getting fat!
    p.s...where is that place, it looks amazing?

    1. I think a weather quest is a jolly good idea for everyone ;-) It is a place in Glengarif, west cork called the Ewe Experience http://www.theewe.com/ and I can't recommend it enough :-)