Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have realised that I haven't been sharing with you how our wee patch in my friends field is going...
 Well, it's growing away quite nicely. I admit when I first went to have a look a the drill that I was very, very excited. This excitement turned to anxiety when I realised how little (as in nothing) I knew about gardening and growing food. At first our attempts made me feel quite disheartened, all of the young broccoli and cabbage plants that I put in were eaten or trampled by various things...
 but I kept on, I bought more seeds, I went back again and again to sew and rearrange and protect and tend.
 And now there are things growing. Actual, real vegetables! Swede for example,
 There are also things not doing so well:
 our poor wee broccolli, nibbled again!
 But look! It looks like a real drill :-)
 I brought home a selection of new tender veggies for the kids to see and they straight away set to work preparing them for dinner,
 washing (although I'm not sure the washing up liquid and sponge are that necessary)
 peeling, chopping and grating.
 Mixed with a wee splash of vinegar and a spoonful of mayo they made a delicious coleslaw!
And I am getting over my anxiety and beginning to really understand the wonder and joy of growing your won veg :-)

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