Saturday, July 14, 2012


There has been a lot of crafting going on around here (well when isn't there really). But before I share our work with you I want to tell you some exciting news:

Tooth number 2 has fallen out!
It happened late in the evening, perfect timing to find her little tooth bag and pop her precious tooth into it. The next morning at a very reasonable 5 am (!!!!!!) she came through to our bedroom to tell us the tooth fairy had been, taken the tooth and left a new little charm on her bracelet..

 a little silver hedgehog charm :-) 
How sweet and lovely this little girl looks with her gappy smile and how it reminds me that she is growing up.

So to crafting: When we were in Bristol a couple of weeks ago I got to have a visit from a very special friend of mine that I met at University. She is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I know and as a special gift she brought Benny some cowboy material she had left over from a project.
 He was thrilled and has carried this material with him everywhere and I mean everywhere: to bed, around the garden, shopping, camping, visiting friends. It was becoming almost a 'special' in itself and we spent a lot of time thinking about what we might make out of it.
Finally he decided he wanted a cushion:
 He is delighted and there is still a good bit of his 'cowboy terial' left over for him to carry around until we think of another little project :-)
 Rebe has been doing lots of sewing of late.
She made Benny a really cool gnome and the other day sat down and made this wee dog:

 Andy and I are going to get her a sewing box for her birthday next month. I think it'll be the perfect present for her...any suggestions/ recommendations for one?

 The boys have been doing lots of play dough work and I have been knitting for a little custom order baby doll:
I love this yarn, it is so soft and the colours so gentle and muted.

Talking of dolls, I am really enjoying the ideas for their dream doll that people are entering into the giveaway. There is still plenty of time so be sure that you enter your idea for a custom order doll :-)


  1. Hello from the link up! What happy family craft time! We are nearing the end of the unpacking phase of a move, and I am largely motivated by wanting to get back to our crafting rhythm. That yarn is beautiful! Please stop by to see my knitting this week!

  2. I love family craft time, and you all look like you are doing a lot of wonderful projects. Enjoy!