Monday, July 9, 2012

a day at the races

This is another one of the cool things that happens annually in our wee village every year, the Strand Race:
 Last year we couldn't find it (go figure!) the year before I had a tiny newborn baby, but this year we got to go...
 It was so exciting watching the horses dashing past on the strand...
 we watched from the park, sitting on a wall, shouting 'Go on number 4!'and 'glin glin glin' at the tops of our voices.
Andy and I had a giggle listing to these young boys, they were just like old men comparing the race card...some actually had betting slips and were putting money on the races (making us wonder about the bookies integrity!) but for us really it was all about...



  1. Replies
    1. hi Sammy it was...and the chips were good lol!

  2. That looks like great fun, I've often seen photos of racing on the beach and wondered what it was like. My children (older children) would be envious of being able to put a bet on at the races, my husband is Irish and can remember being able to put small bets on as a child. He says that working out the odds and returns really helped his maths!! I think bookies over here can be too officious. They were quite rude to me when I was putting small bets on for my children and it was my money!!! :(

    Hope it's not too wet over there with you. xxx