Monday, July 2, 2012


I had a sneaking suspicion that Benny has been growing. I noticed all of his trousers had that wee bit too small look. 
So this morning we did 'the test' and good god, he could do it...
 He can reach the bathroom light, all by himself, with out his step!!! You should of heard the shouts of joy (perhaps you did)! Oh, how much growing a person does when he reaches the ripe old age of 4 :-)

4 people are also very, very helpful and can really get the hang of their own special chores:
 Someone else has been doing lots of growing up too! Joa has decided to start doing without nappies.
 He's in the very first stage; the bare bum, very interested and very proud when he manages to wee on the toilet stage.
But it is so sweet to see him growing up and it makes me wonder what I will do with the 2 drawers in the dresser that are currently jam packed with the nappies.

And just because I love this image...
watching the bin lorry on a Monday morning....isn't this just the stuff of childhood?


  1. Oh dear Laura, how I love fours! And good job, Benny! I had thought you were looking so big and tall here on the blog- I see I was right!
    Wow, Joa and the potty! E. isn't quite there yet. Sigh. But my littles usually do it around age 3.
    HUGS and we have to talk about the shawl-doll swap! I am worried about getting yarn you won't like. . .

    1. Hi Mel, the potty will be a long job I think, but he's matching Benny with when and how he's doing it. Email me about the shawl, I think it'll be lovely, you have such great taste :-) x

  2. Gorgeous pics! Must be good growing weather, my 3 year old tells me every day at the moment how much she's growing, and the baby has just started pulling herself to standing! Where's the 'pause' button for life?

    1. i know it feels like you blink and they've grown again, it's so lovely to get to watch :-)