Saturday, July 28, 2012

and the winner is...

It was soooo hard to choose, but we did it! 
Thank you to everyone who entered the 500 likes giveaway! I loved reading all of your entries and some of them made we want to start sewing straight away! But I whittled down my favourite to 10 and we drew the winner this morning.
 Rebe helped me decide which 10 dolls should go into the basket and in glorious sunshine she picked out the doll I will be making.
 Joa took notes...
 and the winner is Kate Willis who left this message:

 I would love a doll that looks like a little girl but with wings because my 2.5 year old thinks she is a fairy and twirls and twirls around shouting "me fairy me fairy" but all the fairy dolls I can find have pinks tutus or suchlike which can't be right because fairies live outside and they would get cold dressed like that!!!

(picture: a custom doll I finished last night)

 I am going to really enjoy making this doll, and there were some other ideas that I would really love to use. I'm not sure how to though. Perhaps if I make a doll inspired by your idea I will contact you and offer you first refusal (and a discount?) what do you think?

 Thank you again to all of you for the wonderful support and encouragement, it really means the world to me :-)
like mama like daughter :-)

I promise I will show you the pictures of the finished sensibly dressed fairy when she's finished :-)


  1. Congratulations Kate, I am sure your doll will be very beautiful!

  2. Congrats Kate, look forward to seeing your doll!