Friday, July 6, 2012

come in to my studio

When the weather is nice I like to work outside as much as possible. Obviously I can't bring my sewing machine out but there is always a wee bit of knitting to be done and what better place to do it that under an immense and beautiful sky, the sun setting and the water lapping gently on the shore below.

Surely some of the peace and beauty of this place must pass (by osmosis?) into the dolls?

The doll is a 16 inch custom order called Grian which means 'Sun' in Irish. This was a lovely doll to make. S/he is going to be with a little girl whose name means 'Moon' and who is soon going to be a big sister. Her mama and papa wanted her to have a baby of her own. After a bit of chatting we decided that the newborn style doll would be too heavy and big for her to easily carry around and care for, so we decided instead to make a baby companion doll. The doll is also gender free and expressionless. It made me feel a little nostalgic making a mouth-less doll again; when I started doll making in 2010 all of my dolls had no mouths. I do hope that Sun and Moon will have lots of fun together, I certainly loved making him/her.