Sunday, December 23, 2012

a dollhouse story

Once upon a time, in a tiny village in the south of Ireland the sun rose upon the last day of term before the Christmas holiday. As ever it is a busy time of year for everyone.


 Poppy skipped off to school with her bag on her back to enjoy some Christmas fun and games with her class mates.
 Her daddy, the postman, was busy delivering his bag full of letters. He even had one for Grandfather from an old friend.

 Indoors Granny was baking her special Christmas biscuits and the house smelt warm and cosy, like Christmas should.
 Upstairs little Pete sat on his bed thinking about all the wonderful things that would happen during the holidays. He had a bubble of excitement in his belly and a grin of anticipation on his face.
 At 11 o'clock, mama sat down with the baby for a much deserved cup of tea. Grandad joined her with a mug of (he claims) ginger beer.
 The house was peaceful and happy.
 Then Granny realised that she had run out of eggs so she took her basket and popped out to the shops.
 When she returned home she found the children playing outside, mama having shoo'd them out of the kitchen while she was trying to cook supper.
As evening drew in Granny and Grandad settled down with a pot of hot tea and reminisced about when they were young and courting.
Poppy and Pete were tucked up in bed but were far too excited to sleep whispering to each other about Granny's cookies, paper chains and whether it might snow.
Mama and Daddy ate their supper together in peace talking of this and of that and of things to come.
The house was quiet at last and eventually even little Pete fell asleep.

I am so excited about this gift for the kids. I have been working on these dolls for weeks now in between other things and today I finally finished them all off. I had thought initially about doing only one doll each, but I got a bit carried away.
 I am so delighted with the doll's houses. I asked Rosario from Ventry Toys to make them for me. They are completely perfect. Each can be a separate house (or garage or barn), but they fit snuggly side by side and they also have special holes and rods in the roof and floor so that they can be securely stacked one on top of the other. 
Each has a door on the side with a little bell for visitors to ring. 
Rosario also made the beautiful furniture. I am such a huge fan of his work, he is always so happy to work with me on my ideas and his workmanship is wonderful. (Don't forget that if you tell him I sent you he will give you a 10% discount on any order over 10 euro...just because he's a lovely man!).
I hope that these dolls and their wee houses will delight the children as much as they do me and that they will get many happy hours of pleasure from them.


  1. What an amazing gift for your children! I suspect they will all get quite a bit of love for many years to come. (:

    1. I do hope so, happy christmas dear friend x

  2. Oh Laura, they are absolutely wonderful!
    I love your story,
    and I wish I could watch and listen while your kiddies make up and act out their own stories with these wonderful dolls.

    the dolls and the modular dollhouse.... incredible....

    it makes me want to play too.

    1. I am looking forward to hearing their wee games and stories too. I am so delighted that the modular thing works so well, clever old Rosario!

  3. Oh! It's amazing! My girls will also be receiving a dollhouse for Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!

    1. Lovely Sarah, I can't wait to see it. much love to you and yours x