Monday, December 17, 2012

Fairy Christmas Tree Tutorial

There is something so magical about little tiny things and little tiny things should have some magic...

To make a Fairy Christmas tree take a snippet of fir. We found ours on the ground outside the supermarket where the Christmas Trees are sold, but perhaps you are lucky enough to have an evergreen forest near you, or just steal a little from your own tree.
 pull off the needles at the bottom about an inch up your tree
 stick your tree into a little plop of playdough, or you could use modeling clay or even bees wax
 cut a circle of burlap, or cotton gingham would be sweet too
 place your tree in the middle and gather the burlap up over the playdough and secure around the trunk with some cotton, yarn or strong thread.
 Now for the fiddly bit, put a tiny dab of glue on the end of the needles and thread on some small beads
 cut a tiny gold star out of gold paper (we have plenty of chocolate coin wrappers saved up so this was perfect and attached to the top.
 I used beads for my tree, which was a bit too fiddly for the kids to manage but we found that hama beads work brilliantly for them...

 using a match stick they popped tiny dabs of glue onto their trees

 and oh so carefully chose their beads and threaded them onto the needles. Joa especially enjoyed this as he practiced all the colours he knows (which really is just pumpkin for orange and blue for everything else)

allow to dry and display somewhere that fairies are bound to see and enjoy :-)
 Happy Crafting


  1. These are fantastic Laura, as soon as the kids have finished watching The Wizard of Oz, we shall make some! Mia will love them, she loves any tiny, fairy type craft x x x

  2. That is just too cute!

  3. Very sweet! Please consider sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!

  4. These are just so adorable. I think Jake and I will try these today. Your children are so lucky to have such a creative mama. I am enjoying watching all your creative endeavors.

  5. What a cute idea! I'm adding you to my blog roll :)

  6. Those are so sweet. The simplest ideas are always the best :)