Monday, December 10, 2012

surviving chicken pox

Oh my poor wee babies! Rebe and Joa have had a serious dose of chicken pox. 
I knew that with Rebe in particular it would not be a pleasant experience. She is so sensitive anyway and her skin is definitely her most important and delicate sense organ. At times over the past few days she has literally been pacing the floors, screaming and shouting and crying. Begging for me to make it stop, saying she will give anything just for 2 minutes of feeling ok. 
The first day was pretty ok, the spots scattered and blistery. 
St Nicholas had been in the night which considerably cheered spirits:

We spent the day at home making Christmas presents:
We thought we'd turn our hand to being sweetie makers this year so we chose 3 recipes from this book:

First we made an army of coconut mice.

Rebe was starting to feel very tired so we popped her bit into the fridge while she went to lie down. The boys and I carried on until we had no mixture left.

 Then while the boys were sleeping in the afternoon Rebe and I made toffee:

and fudge.

The day after that was the half marathon (did I tell you I ran a half marathon? ;-P) and the kids were just too poorly to leave the house so Andy came here to look after them. That night Rebe got about 2 hours sleep, so then next day we were all exhausted. Andy came over again and cheered them a little, then took to boys out for a little walk, which helped a lot.
 In all the desperate itching and sore tummies and temperatures we found a few wee islands of relief:

a package from Germany with love
calamine lotion, lavender and baking soda baths
Books! Oh how we have read, it was, for Rebe, better than any cream or ointment or medicine. All the while we were reading the itching eased so we read both of these lovely books cover to cover (twice) and really enjoyed them...even at 3.45am!

 hoovering helps :-)

 This morning I knew Rebe was feeling so much better, she came running down stairs and sang out 'good morning!' After breakfast she headed off upstairs to do some crafting. If there is ever a sign of feeling good it's the return of creativity!

 So this afternoon we carried on with our Christmas presents:
 wrapping them up in little bundles and tie-ing them with yarn
 These are our finished presents complete with little tags made from last years recycled Christmas cards.

Joa is still really struggling, he has them all in his eyes and in his mouth. I hope though that he has a good sleep and will feel a bit better tomorrow...but for now next week is cancelled :-)


  1. Oh my! You are all going to need a nice week of rest after this! Sending my love to you all.

    1. you said it, I'm dying to go out for a run or something too!

  2. Oh Laura, I wish I could be there to give you some relief. I know it must be hard to see your little ones not feel well. Take care of yourself too dear.

  3. Oh dear Laura, I am sorry for all the sickness! I am so glad to hear Rebe is doing better now, and I am sending healing peaceful thoughts to you for Joa's recovery, and for sleep for you all!

  4. You all have my sympathy, its rotten for the children, and so tiring for the parent. I had all five of mine get it at once, and it was tough going! The itching is just unbearable, and so hard to soothe, but it is thankfully short lived, and will soon be a distant memory.
    Great choice of books! I have both of those, both I had as a child, and both I love! You have reminded me to dig mine out. Lots of love at such a difficult time xx

    1. good god Liz, I would have had a break down I think 2 at the same time was bad enough but must've got a medal for that! Yes we are loving the books, our favourite stories so far are christmas box (the sam pig one) and Lotta's Christmas suprise :-)