Friday, December 14, 2012

My guru

Yesterday, before dinner time I was a horrible, cross shouty mummy. I sent the kids out of the kitchen while I cooled off then when I felt calm again I went to apologise.
'I bet you want to swap me for a nice, kind, not shouty mummy' I joked with Benny.
'I already did' he said simply, 'I swapped that cross mummy and I got you'

Thank you dear Benny for setting me free, for teaching me to live in the moment, to forgive myself and move on, from that moment to this!


  1. Oh Laura, what a tender job you have and are doing with your children. You have taught them by your example how to be forgiving and to love unconditionally.

    My heart swells for you.

    I adore what our children are able to mirror back to us. I love seeing how our children are the perfect fit for us, for both their growth and also our own.

    1. Dear Elizabeth, your comments are always so touching and so life affirming, thank you for that, it means a lot to me. I completely agree that they are the perfect fit, I am hearing a lot of guidance from them at the moment and I feel that if I didn't listen to them as I do, I really would miss so much. Such deep, ancient wisdom they carry in their wee bodies and articulate in their little-child way :-)

  2. What a sweet boy! My son would just love to have his hat.
    Found your blog just yesterday via creative friday, and have popped back today for a little look around. What wonderful things you do as a family.

    1. Hi Emma, lovely that you stopped by :-) I knitted that hat a while ago for Benny who keeps loosing his favourite a strawberry hat (he has had 3 of those now lol) this seems to manage NOT to get lost which is lucky :-) nice to meet you :-)