Sunday, December 16, 2012

chicken pox party

Yesterday we started the day with a little crafting, which is not uncommon here under rainbows. We read a lovely story recently in which Sam Pig can't find anything to make his friends for Christmas so he decides to make Christmas cards, but having no paper he painted his cards on egg shells.
The older 2 had a lovely time painting Christmas cards while I tried out another craft I thought we might do together...
Fairy Christmas Trees... tutorial coming shorty :-)

So, we are reaching the end of the chicken pox saga. Rebe ended up staying off school on Thursday and Friday too, although she was very anxious to join in her school nativity play on Friday evening. It was very sweet, she and her class were Christmas trees. Just 2 songs and she was completely drained, she had to sit out the grand finale and when she came to me afterwards I just thought 'oh dear poor little thing' she looked awful. So we whisked home to bed, boy did the chicken pox take it out of her!

A friend of mine suggested that we should have a chicken pox party to celebrate the end of the illness and the fact that we will never have them again (thank goodness) we did
 Rebe planned it for us

 and we made a chicken pox cake
 and chicken pox cookies

and thoroughly enjoyed it making sure we all breathed a sigh of relief saying
'Thank goodness that's over'

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