Monday, December 24, 2012

a perfect christmas

 This year I am going to have a perfect Christmas.
Because I know how to!
 It's actually quite easy, all I need to do is to know that it already is perfect.
I need to clear my mind of pinterest images, stories from Shirley Hughes or Alison Uttely.
 I need to switch off my brain from lists and plans.
 I need to stop imagining what the perfect Christmas would look, feel, taste and smell like.
Because this is the perfect Christmas.
It is the perfect childhood Christmas for my children and it will only be perfect for my children if I give them permission to feel that perfection.
 I must keep any anxieties or disappointments or negativity from entering my head, because the only bad thing about Christmas would be feelings like those. Whereas, if I know this is the perfect Christmas then it can be nothing other than...well perfect.

Happy Christmas to you all x


  1. Beautiful words Laura, Thank you x x x

    Happiest of Christmas Wishes to you all
    Gina x

    1. thank you Gina, hope you and yours had a wonderful time x

  2. Yes, yes my dear! We all need to clear our minds of those images and just be authentic!
    Merry Christmas, Laura! HUGS MEl

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful christmas :)
    Love and light
    Sue xx

  4. That's a very sound piece of advice! my husband tells me every year that I have too many 'expectations' for christmas instead of just letting it be - well perfect!
    Happy New Year!

  5. I hope you has a beautiful really looks like you did! XOX