Sunday, December 16, 2012

Personalized Treasure Chests Tutorial

This year the Buddies are getting personalized treasure boxes as their Christmas present.
Last year each family got a rainbow of play clothes that have been well loved and used. We were scratching our heads what to make/ do for them this year when Susan came up with the gorgeous idea of a treasure box each. Something to keep their special things in, a wee heirloom just for them. 
We found a great source for these lovely unfinished wooden boxes. 
We had hoped to that the mummies could get together one evening and decorate them together but sadly we didn't get the chance. So today while the kids were out with Andy I did the ones for Rebe, Benny and Joa.

First I drew a very faint pencil line around each edge of the box as a border. I just used a ruler as my space guide.

Next I drew out the little illustrations I wanted to use onto paper. You could draw straight onto the box, but I was a little nervous about messing it up.
 I placed the paper with the drawing positioned where I wanted it and went back over my lines using a sharp pencil so that the deign would be indented into the lid.
 I also wrote each child's name in pencil on the lid of the box. The using an old soldering iron of Andy's I traced over the pencil lines.

 I have to say I really loved doing this. A perfect winter craft: the smell of burning wood, warmth from the iron. It is also a slow process, it can't be rushed and must be done in peace and with patience. Definitely something I will be doing more of!

 Next I used watercolor paints to stain the wood a different colour for each child; their favourite of course.
 When the paint had dried I gave each one a wee coat of beeswax polish: to seal it, give some protection and also for it's gorgeous smell!

 An armadillo for Benny
 A wee root child for Rebe
I am really pleased with how they came out and I think the kids will adore them.
They would be a really lovely birthday present or a birth gift. Watch out for the smell of burning wood...they'll be much more around here :-)


  1. What adorable treasure chests, which I am sure will be loved :-)

    1. I think they will love them, thank you x

  2. Replies
    1. I'm delighted, although I seem to have broken the soldering iron :-(

  3. They look lovely, I have been collecting bits for my chidren and keeping them in old shoe boxes but these look much better! I would love to get some of these boxes but couldn't get your link to work :(

    1. Hi, here is the link, the shop is in the UK:

  4. I absolutely love the fairy tree.

  5. These are beautiful! Very similar to the treasure chests my mama made all the grandbabies when we went to the beach.

    Please consider sharing this with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!