Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a lovely morning

After nearly a week of the household having a tummy bug we're back to our normal selves today and it is so wonderful :-)
After we dropped Rebe to school in the morning the boys and I had a quick walk on the beach before coming home to spend some time in the garden together.

 getting stones out of the planters in the green house, ready for the arrival of seedlings

 Benny found a great way to get rid of the sprouted peas that had been 'planted' by the kids in the wrong places

 wonderful big skies
 and a great big wind. We hung up this large piece of blue fabric on the washing line for the boys to play with and while I sat knitting a few rows I could hear the most wonderful games of ships and houses and tents being played with it
in inappropriate and ill fitting shoe wear. We've been waiting for nearly 2 years for these handed down sandals to fit someone, and they still don't but lots of games have been played with them, reminds me of that slipper that Rebe and Benny loved a few years ago.
marble runs in the sunny playroom
Jack love
and of course lots of time for stories.

We're about to go and get Rebe now then take part in the National Spring clean by doing some litter picking on the beach. A lovely morning and no doubt a lovely afternoon.

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  1. What beautiful weather! I am very envious of your green house. Our yard get little direct light. We have so many gorgeous, old oak trees. I love them, but they make growing things a bit difficult. (: