Tuesday, April 23, 2013

counselling - my graduation

I asked Benny to take this picture of me on my graduation day with my candle and my speech
 My final session at counselling had such a feeling of celebration and graduation which both my counselor and I really felt. I lit my candle and told her the story about having made it and hearing the message.
She asked me to make a speech (if I wanted to) and I did. She transcribed it for me as I spoke. Here it is:

My time here has been a study of my life.
I learnt ways that I could look at my life and see the manner in which I was living it.
I could see the effects that other people's actions and emotions were having on the way I was living and the way I felt about myself.

I saw my strengths and the roles I had
I learnt to see my armor and my shields
I learnt to see where I carry my emotions, my fears, my pain

And I learnt how to stop living in the outer circles of my life
and how to feel my feet on the ground
and feel my heartbeat in my chest
and feel nothing else.

When I had learnt to just be
I learnt that when I looked around I was filled with happiness
and light
and hope
and space

I learnt how to live as that being instead of within a whirlwind of chaos and influences

I learnt how to just be
and I learnt that I make my own light. 

My counselor rolled it up for me and tore the ribbon from her diary to make it into a scroll, which I shall put next to the other certificates of merit I have earned.

I left the office light and happy and filled with love and joy for myself and the world...

and to celebrate the kids and I had cake :-)

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  1. Ahhh, Laura, you look radiant. What a beautiful speech and reminder of your journey of discovering your self. xx