Saturday, April 6, 2013

easter break

We've really enjoyed our Easter break, it's been very full of special moments and we made lots of special memories.
 morning crafting, Rebe's egg box hen puppet
 Rebe's pen friend came to visit us with her mama, firm friends from the second they saw each other
 enjoying the spring sunshine and ice cream at the village's wee cafe

  Rebe's tenderness and care of Benny touches me deeply all the time. Today I found that she had mended his tights for him
 more friends who visited us today armed with lots of cake, laughter and chatter
 kite flying on the beach
 early morning knitting (check out the bed head)
 a ladybird loving boy finding this year's first ladybird

feeling the sand under his feet and the water on his legs
so much Easter fun can be pretty tiring :-)


  1. I just love this post. It makes me want to come right over, it spreads so much love and happiness. Love you guys xxx

    1. thanks sweetpea, we have had a lovely time and it has been so lovely sharing it with special friends x x

  2. Happy days, so good to see you x

  3. Oh Laura, I had such things to say until I became rendered wordless at the sight of Joa's magnificent curls! Oh my heavens, what an angel! HUGS

  4. Oh my goodness, the little mending on the tights is one of the sweetest things ever!!!